Cousins -How Are We Related

Figuring out how people are related to each other can be a challenge.  We have all heard of first cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, but when we get to second, third, and even fourth cousins, it gets very confusing.  Charts can be very helpful.  To figure out what level of cousins two people are, they have to find the common grandparents.  For example, If John and Jane are siblings, and John’s son is Adam and Jane’s daughter is Ann, Adam and Ann are first cousins because they share the same grandparents.  Now, if Adam has a child named Ben and Ann has a child named Betsy, Ben and Betsy are second cousins because they share the same great grandparents.  Totally confused?  Look at the chart below.  It really gets confusing when we start talking about second cousin, once removed!

Family Tree order

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