DNA and Genealogy

DNA can be submitted to two websites to find DNA relatives.  I have submitted DNA to ancestry.com and to 23andme.com.  People who have submitted DNA are matched with others who are DNA matches.  Both sites generate the probability of how close the relationship is.  In most cases, the matches show some degree of cousins.  To be a first cousin, the two people must have the same grandparents.  Also, two of the parents are siblings.  Both sites are very secure in that a person cannot be contacted by a match without giving permission.  Also, all contacts are made through the websites so no personal information is provided unless you choose to give it out.  I have found some second cousins and some people who have helped me find other ancestors.  The most interesting case was when I helped a lady figure out who her father’s father was.  Her father was adopted by his grandparents and his mother never told anyone who the father was.  This lady turned out to be a DNA match at the third cousin level to my husband.  By using some DNA detective work and the process of elimination, I was able to figure out who was probably her father’s father.  This mam was my husband’s great uncle.  What was interesting was that when we compared eye color, baldness, stature, her father’s appearance  was similar to my husband’s male ancestors.

This chart shows my ancestry according to my DNA results.

This chart shows my ancestry according to my DNA results.

DNA relatives

This is an example of DNA relatives as shown on the 23andme.com website.

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