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Mayflower Connection

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Millions of people living today are descendents of people who traveled to America in 1620 on the Mayflower.  Some of these people are famous and are members of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.  Several former U.S. Presidents and many celebrities are members.  It is a rigorous process to gain membership. To begin the process, a person must contact their state chapter and complete a preliminary application.  An applicant must prove descendancy by providing documentation of birth, marriage, and death of every person in the line.  In some cases, many of the early descendants are already proven.  Books have been written documenting every person in the first five generations.  My husband is a descendant of Elizabeth Tilley and John Howland.  These two both traveled on the Mayflower.  During the first winter in America, over half of the travelers died.  Elizabeth was only 13 and lost both of her parents and her other relatives.  She married John Howland when she was about 16.  John Howland came as the manservant of John Carver who also died that first winter.  Elizabeth and John had ten children.  My husband’s line continues with their daughter, Hope Howland.  She married John Chipman and they had 12 children.  You can see their descendants by clicking here. It is easy to see why there are so many descendants based on how many children each generation had.  In 2020, there will be a huge celebration of the Mayflower Voyage 400 Anniversary.

Patrick’s ancestral line to the Mayflower:

Patrick Burke and Sandra Burke  (I am not a descendant, but my information is needed if our children choose to pursue membership.)

William J. Burke and Lois Swihart

O.Melvin Swihart and Grace Mourer Swihart

David Swihart and Mary Cecelia Drew

Eli Swihart and Laura Jane Culver

Charles Culver and Polly Abigail Dodge

*Anson Dodge and Harriet Rockwell

*John Dodge and *Abigail Ross

*Abraham Dodge and *Elizabeth Warren

*Rev. John Warren and *Elizabeth Chipman

*Rev. John Chipman and *Rebecca Hale

*Samuel Chipman and *Sarah Cobb

J*ohn Chipman and *Hope Howland

*John Howland and *Elizabeth Tilley  (they traveled on the Mayflower in 1620)

*Documentation for these people already exists so all I have to prove is for all of the people who do not have an asterisk.  I have all of the documentation for everybody except Laura Jane Culver.  She was born in 1850 in Ohio and prior to the late 1800’s birth records were not required.  She is listed with her family in the 1860 federal census but since this census did not use the word “daughter” or “son” with the names of the children, this is not proof enough that she is their daughter.  I hired  a researcher in Ohio to look for evidence and so far, no luck.  Laura Jane named her first son David Culver Swihart.  Culver was her maiden name.  I have searched every possible way for any Laura Jane Culvers born around 1850 and she is the only one who could possibly be the daughter of Polly Abigail Dodge.  I submitted my documents once and had three items to get better documentation for.  I am hoping all my evidence will be sufficient.

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